Through regular networking events, YPSN PRC aims to bring colleagues together from a variety of sectors in the Shipping Industry, including Owners, Charterers, Managers, Brokers, Legal and Insurance professionals.


YPSN PRC was founded in Shanghai in 2012 by Natasha Lippens and Fiona Pounds, with the support of YPSN Hong Kong.  In 2014, Wei Zhuang and Tina Liu joined Natasha and currently administer YPSN PRC. 


Natasha Lippens

Natasha is based Beijing. She is of Belgian – Chinese parentage. A biologist by training she founded her own consultancy, providing technical advice on environmental issues to the shipping industry, specialising in providing advice on the response to oil and chemical spills and coral reef damages, and their environmental and economic consequences.


Wei Zhuang

Wei is the regional manager of Asia at BIMCO . Today, he is committed to keeping a constructive relationship with regional regulators and industry stakeholders and, most importantly, to provide BIMCO services to BIMCO members and potential members in the greater China region. Wei’s previous positions include eight years as a maritime lawyer and Senior Fellow at Shanghai Maritime University. He has a master’s degree in maritime law and a Ph.D in international law. Wei has a lovely daughter and a naughty son. He likes fishing and biking.


Tina Liu

Tina currently leads Drewry operation in China. She has been with Drewry in London and Singapore, before setting up the Shanghai office in 2012.  The Drewry Shanghai team is comprised of young ship/port enthusiasts, who love working in the shipping world, although they're constantly told that the industry is doomed. Before joining Drewry, Tina completed her Ph.D. in at UCL (the university has the dead body, Jeremy Bentham - British philosopher, sitting in the South Cloisters, and his head is said to be presented in each Provost meeting). While at UCL, Tina pioneered a R2B (research to business) programme with the support from UCL and Drewry, by the end of it, she chose a career in the industry and chose Drewry, where one has the chance to interact with senior executive, real life captions, as well as dock workers  and operators.  Outside work days and during them, Tina loves travelling, yoga, and these combined (as themed retreats). 


For further information on the YPSN PRC organisers please visit our LinkedIn profiles.